How it Works

Dual Condense (DCT) patented technology

Water condenser mode:

The heat recovery system condenses all the refrigerant gas using the cold water from the water tank. It recovers all the heat rejected by the cooling unit. The electronic board adjusts the pump speed to heat up the water at 55°C in one pass whatever the ambient temperature.

Desuperheating mode:

when all the water has been preheated, the electronic regulation switches the fans on.The heat recovery system continues heating up the water (gas desuperheating); water can reach a temperature of 65 / 70°C in summer.

The system runs within the operating envelope of the compressors (pressure and in compressor temperature); Water condensation improves the compressor efficiency in summer and avoids high pressure cut-off. The HP safety pressure sensor restarts ventilation in case of water circuit malfunction: priority is given to refrigeration.

Dual Condense (DCT) patented technology

Many benefits:

  • Free hot water production: Energy cost reduction.
  • Reduces cooling units nuisances (fan noise, heat rejected).
  • Recycles and value adds wasted thermal energy: Free hot water production in large quantities at high temperature.
  • Energy savings: Environmental impact reduction