Warranty conditions

  • Warranty on the heat recovery module – 1 year
  • Warranty on water tanks – 2 years


Warranty Limits:

Warranty does not apply:

  • To parts damaged by lack of maintenance
  • To parts damaged by poor installation or an external event (handling, transport)

As well as in cases:

  • Of abnormal environmental conditions: premises not frost free or subjected to bad weather or presenting an abnormally polluted, wet or corrosive atmosphere.
  • Of water supply presenting abnormal criteria of aggressiveness exceeding 400ppm TDS (hardness of water and presence of chlorides in the water)
  • Of pressure network above 5 bar
  • Of lack of water
  • Of absence or incorrect assembly of the safety valve on the water tank
  • Of installation errors
  • Of depression resulting from the absence of air inlet during water tank draining
  • Of defective electrical connection (non conformity to electrical standards)
  • Of defective power supply; surge, overload, short circuit, lightening etc
  • Of original equipment modifications
  • Of defective maintenance (dissolved sacrificial anode, absence of periodic descaling of the heat exchanger, absence of safety valve operation to avoid the scaling, absence of recommended maintenance on the heat recovery module
  • Of absence of filter or scale preventive device

This warranty exclusively applies to new equipment installed by qualified professionals, in conformity with good engineering practices and standards. This warranty is limited, to the choice of TRS to repair or to the replacement of the recognized defective parts.

This warranty excludes all resulting damages, travel expenses or labor costs. The replacement of parts does not extend the duration of the warranty and cannot give rise to any compensation for costs or prejudices.

The installation drawings are indicative and do not override the requirement  to conform to good engineering practices and to regulations or local regulations.